Current Vacancies

2023 Vacancies 

UPDATED 5/3/2023

We have three new vacancies with expected move-in dates of July 1 and August 1, 2023 (with a slight chance that one of the units will be available for move-in mid-June). Information and deadlines will be posted on this page and updated as we progress through our search. Stay tuned.

NOTE: Information on this page, particularly upcoming dates, is subject to change.

ACHC 2023 Vacancy Announcement

Addison Court Housing Cooperative is a 10-unit Limited Equity Housing Cooperative located in West Berkeley, CA.

Units are one-bedroom apartments, 520 sq. ft., ground floor, with private front and back entrances, full bath and kitchen, hardwood floors, small private gardens and storage sheds, with access to a communal backyard.  Note: ACHC general policy is that we do not accept dogs at this time. However, this policy is subject to change and considerations can be made on a case by case basis concerning licensed service animals, etc. Having a dog does not rule out applying to the coop. Inquire today!

We are expecting three units to become available in summer 2023. The exact dates of availability are not yet confirmed and will depend on the time needed for routine repair/renovation or other preparation of the units. The estimated dates of availability are July 1st and August 1, 2023.  

Addison Court Housing Cooperative is operated by a Board of Directors. The residents of the coop are the Directors; each of the ten households in the Coop has one vote on the Board. People with skills in landscaping, building maintenance, bookkeeping, meeting facilitation, finance, organizational governance, nonprofit administration, housing project management, community living, and/or familiarity with the history and ideals of the cooperative movement, are a plus. Quiet, courteous, flexible, hardworking, kindly people with a good sense of humor are a must. The units are private, but the walls are thin, and we live and work closely together as neighbors and coworkers to maintain our shared building, grounds, and organization. All coop members also serve on the governing board of our nonprofit, and are responsible for the whole; please expect to spend a few hours every week on administrative or maintenance duties for the coop, and to participate in monthly board and committee meetings governed by Robert's Rules. People of color and LGBTQ folks are encouraged to apply. 

ACHC memberships are available only to households that can document income that is below the maximum for each unit upon initial occupancy. The coop is on Northern California Land Trust (NCLT) land, and subject to HUD and City of Berkeley guidelines. Our financial eligibility requirements for 2023 applications will be listed below.

If you are eligible and interested, please submit your name and initial information between April 17th and the application deadline of May 15th, 2023 using this online Vacancy Inquiry form.


We cannot consider candidates who do not meet the following criteria.

Eligible income rates:

ACHC can accept applications only from households making below the maximum income for each unit. The application will ask for proof of your current year-to-date income and a copy of your previous year's (2022) tax return.

We have one vacant unit at the 50%-60% AMI (Area Median Income) level, household income should be within the following ranges (there is some flexibility on the low-end of each bracket, but the maximums are strictly enforced):

  • Household of 1: $50,000 - $60,000
  • Household of 2: $57,150 - $68,580
  • Household of 3: $64,300 - $77,160
We have two vacant units at the 60%-80% AMI level, household income should be within the following ranges (there is some flexibility on the low-end of each bracket, but the maximums are strictly enforced) :

  • Household of 1: $60,000 - $74,200
  • Household of 2: $68,580 - $84,800
  • Household of 3: $77,160 - $95,400

Household Size:

Note: Households larger than three are not prohibited from applying and income eligibility data is available for larger households. However, please keep in mind that, in the Coop's experience, the units are comfortable for 1, a bit tight for 2, and a squeeze for 3. Applicant households are strongly encouraged to come to the open house to get a feel for the space!

Buy-In Cost

Becoming a member requires buying a share in the cooperative. This is similar to a security deposit and, during the probationary period, is identical to a typical security deposit. If you opt to become a member at the end of the probationary period, your deposit is converted to a share in the ACHC limited equity cooperative. (The Coop will buy your share back from you when you move out.) The current (2023) value and cost of a share is:
  • Household of 1 - $4,550
  • Household of 2 - $5,201
  • Household of 3 - $5,851

Monthly Carrying Charge (aka "Rent"): UPDATED 5/3/2023

Our current (2023) Monthly Carrying Charge ("rent"), as set by our Board, is $1075 per month for the one 50-60% AMI unit, adjusted annually according to the city's AGA .

Our current (2023) Monthly Carrying Charge ("rent"), as set by our Board, is $1300 per month for the two 60-80% AMI units, adjusted annually according to the city's AGA .

Important notes: Our capital reserves are extremely low. We are also in the process of reorganizing a loan with the City of Berkeley. The cooperative recently switched to a tiered MCC system based on income level (similar to most other BMR housing in Berkeley.) The MCC rates above reflect these recent changes. Any changes to the MCC are always within the limits set forth by the city of Berkeley. Currently our units are capped by the City at a Gross Rent of $1,668 (does not include a tenant-paid utility allowance which must be subtracted).  Our current MCC is well below the City mandated maximum.

Unit Size:

Our units are one-bedroom, 520 sq ft apartments.

Berkeley residency:

We give preference to candidates who live or work in the City of Berkeley.

2023 Timeline

Upcoming dates are subject to change.
  • Vacancy Announcement posted, alerting people to prepare to Inquire: Apr 17, 2023
  • ACHC online form for Inquiries open for submissions (all eligible submissions will receive an application): Apr 17-May 15
  • Open House information session for applicants: May 7 at  2:30pm-4:30pm
  • Invitations to apply sent out on a rolling basis from April 17 - May 15.
  • The deadline to return completed applications is May 15.
  • If you are selected for an Interview - invitations go out on May 23.
  • If you become a Finalist - interviews will be conducted Saturday May 27 and Sunday May 28.
  • If you were selected to fill the vacancy - invitation to Probationary Membership to be sent on or before: May 30. 
  • If you accept our invitation to Probationary Membership - the move-in date for the vacancies are expected to be: July 1 or Aug 1, 2023 (There is a small possibility of a mid-June move-in for one of the units.)

We are an equal opportunity housing cooperative.